Frequencies Of Brilliance testimonials:

"I did not know what to expect from my first session. I was made to feel very relaxed by Laura as she explained how the session would work. I had the feeling of something shifting in me and was left feeling lighter and more empowered. I would higly recommend this treatment" Mark Escott, NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Worker.

"Frequencies Of Brilliance is literally... brilliant! it's a great way to achieve a sense of peace and calm. I entered an almost dream like state of rest and the experience had integrated after a few days the result was a greater sense of peace." Rob Sheldon, Product Manager.

"It is a challenge to describe my experience of Frequencies Of Brilliance with Laura. It was and continues to be life changing in a positive way." Mark Wynter, Client service manager.

"My experience of Frequencies Of Brilliance has been extraordinary! I wasn't expecting to feel more than relaxed and perhaps de-stressed but it has been much more than that. It's like a spiritual physiotherapy- things feel realigned from the inside out. It has had a big impact on how I feel and would wholeheartedly recommend it." Ally Driver, Head Teacher.

"I would recommend Frequencies Of Brilliance to everyone and have done. It was the most positive, cleansing and uplifting experience. You will glow from the inside out... and I still am!" Sam Bell, Interiors and Creative Manager.

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