'I would highly recommend Laura's work, a session with Laura felt life changing, she is supportive and intuitive, a lot is shifting for me and realigning on a deep level and I feel more empowered and spiritually connected.' Linda, Psychotherapist

"Laura has a rare gift, that of being a pure channel for the energy that comes through. Laura transmits what arises and has the remarkable skill of not interfering in a process that is bigger than her. Her perceptions are finely honed." Leyla. 

'I don't know where to start with a thank you and thank you really doesn't come close to expressing my gratitude for everything from start to finish - and before and after. You were really so very kind and helpful and generous with letting me stay and making me so very comfortable and welcome in your beautiful shed. I felt very safe and nurtured there. You really thought of everything to make things easy for me, picking me up from the station, kettle, water, comfy mattress and bed linen, beautiful energy in the space, tour guide information, and .... and .... so much more. As for the healings they really were phenomenal and I feel so very lucky to have had such an opportunity - totally indulging in the whole process and letting go. I felt so very held, supported and deeply anchored enabling my soul to soar to new heights. I released and received - in a way and to a level that I had really not expected with so much fun and laughter which made the whole experience joyful and easy.' - B - London

 "Frequencies Of Brilliance is literally... brilliant! it's a great way to achieve a sense of peace and calm. I entered an almost dream like state of rest and the experience had integrated after a few days the result was a greater sense of peace." Rob Sheldon, Product Manager.

"Thank you Laura for a wonderful and uplifting session. You put me at ease by explaining what would happen in the session and by working from integrity. The session was very powerful and I was aware of 'lots going on' as the healing accessed the higher dimensional spaces. I was drawn to work with you so the session did not disappoint and I was pleased that I'd chosen FOB as a means to deepen my spiritual connection."" Julie. 

"It is a challenge to describe my experience of Frequencies Of Brilliance with Laura. It was and continues to be life changing in a positive way." Mark Wynter, Client service manager.

"My experience of Frequencies Of Brilliance has been extraordinary! I wasn't expecting to feel more than relaxed and perhaps de-stressed but it has been much more than that. It's like a spiritual physiotherapy- things feel realigned from the inside out. It has had a big impact on how I feel and would wholeheartedly recommend it." Ally Driver, Head Teacher.

"I would recommend Frequencies Of Brilliance to everyone and have done. It was the most positive, cleansing and uplifting experience. You will glow from the inside out... and I still am!" Sam Bell, Interiors and Creative Manager.

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