Here you can find details of events, workshop & trainings

The Pure Series

This is an incredible series of 5 one day workshops, each with a different focus. Each workshop is complete in itself so you can choose which one is right for you in each moment. I co host these events with Cat Moyle and we are available to bring them to you wherever you are in the world.

These events provide you with an opportunity to work in a group setting and have the potential to work on a deep level in a safe and supported space. 

The next event, Pure Breath, is on the 19th May 2019 in Topsham Devon and at the time of writing there are 3 places still available. The cost is £125. Lunch and snacks are provided. 10am - 5.30pm

Contact me to book your place or you can do so via the online shop

The primary focus will be in the lung area, often here we hold deep grief and sadness, struggle, tiredness of life, death wish, issues from our birth experience or childhood, this holding can make us feel as if our wings have been clipped and we are no longer able to fly or soar through life,  when we see life through these past experiences it can become dampened and lack lustre. During the workshop we will be peeling back layers so as the light of ourselves can shine forth into the world. In bringing ourselves forward to make changes within, we create a wave of life giving energy that not only effects those around us but also this magnificent planet that we live on, which is much needed now.

No matter where you are on your awakening journey, this workshop is designed to increase the flow of life force energy through your physical body and energetic field as you are guided and held through your process by Cat and myself. The pre-requisite for attending is an individual Amanae session, no previous workshop experience necessary as you will be taken step by step through the day. Places are limited and the group will be small to ensure individual support.


Womb Ceremonies

These beautiful ceremonies are held regularly in The Shed at the bottom of my garden and I am also available to bring them to you, either as an individual or a group of friends or as a part of your workshop, festival or other event. Each ceremony lasts around 2 1/2 hours. During that time you will be taken on a journey using guided meditation, energetic transmissions, sharing, ritual, channelling and  The Rite Of The Womb finishing with tea and chocolate. 

The next event is scheduled for the 7th June 10.30am-1pm cost £25 and just £15 if you've attended either a Womb or Earth Ceremony with me previously.

No experience necessary. You can reserve your place by contacting me on 07877 67 37 60  or   you can also pay in the online shop 



 A 6 day training program spread over a 6 week period where you can expect to experience yourself on a whole new level. We will be embarking on a profound journey into our sacred heart through the physical body using energy work, vortex work, breath work and hands on body work. 

Through the course you will gain tools and skills to enable you to hold your own ceremonies, and healing techniques to use in conjunction with existing healing/bodywork, workshops, retreats, or for friends and family.

Dates to be confirmed. More details to follow shortly.