Restorative Massage


Such a gift for me to be able to offer massage. I trained in Holistic Swedish Massage (ITEC) as well as Indian Head Massage and have now incorporated these skills, along with intuition and energy work to create a unique style of massage. Sometimes working deep within the muscles, sometimes using a lighter touch depending on your circumstances and what I intuitively feel your body needs.

My aim is to create deep relaxation within the body and mind. Our bodies are self healing systems and from a place of peace this system is activated allowing healing of the body and mind to occur. With the releasing of stress; tension and pain within our body is also released. I use a variety of massage movements to encourage tightness in muscles, skin and body tissues to fall away, and, energy work to encourage damaged or distressed tissue to heal itself. Often working deep to the bone structure, and easing scar tissue caused by injury.

With each treatment a safe, loving and healing energetic space is created, my focus throughout the session for the easing of pain and discomfort, it is as if, as I work my hands 'pick up' information from your body and I am guided intuitively as to what is needed to create physical and mental balance.

A truly enjoyable and blissful experience!

I hope to see you soon


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