Frequencies Of Brilliance

 "It is a challenge to describe my experience of Frequencies Of Brilliance with Laura. It was, and continues to be life changing in a positive way." Mark 

 Frequencies of Brilliance is a beautiful and staggeringly effective energy healing technique. Designed to enable you to open into light aspects of yourself, into your full potential, through the 4th/5th/6th dimensional spaces creating the possibility for transformation to take place, I began my training to become a practitioner in 2007 with Christine Day.

"What happens in a session?"

 When receiving a session you are required to lie on a massage table which enables me to work through doorways in your physical body using a light touch. Clients often drift into a state of deep relaxation, each persons experience is unique.

 "Why do people come to you for this work?"

 Over the years people from all over the world, different ages and backgrounds have been drawn to experience this amazing healing modality. Often people come when they feel the need to work on a deep level, you don't have to have a specific reason for contacting me, maybe you would like to try it but are unsure why.

Some people come looking for answers or to expand and strengthen their spiritual connection. Some people have come to the end of their time on this Earth plane and feel they would like support in making the transition into the next stage. The Frequencies work balances your energetic vibration on a cellular level, it is an incredibly sacred process and you will be held in a safe space of love at all times when in a session with me.


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