Group Work


The Pure Series

This is an incredible series of 5 one and two day workshops, each with a different focus. Each workshop is complete in itself so you can choose which one is right for you in each moment. I co host these events with   Cat Moyle and we are available to bring them to you wherever you are in the world.

These events provide you with an opportunity to work in a group setting and have the potential to work on a deep level in a safe and supported space.

2018 saw the birth of Pure Power, in 2019 we held the circle for Pure Breath and the next event, Pure Bliss, is scheduled for Sunday 14th June 2020 in Topsham, Devon, UK.

Contact me to book your place or you can do so via the online shop   call or text 07877 67 37 60 or email

No matter where you are on your awakening journey, these workshops are designed to increase the flow of life force energy through your physical body and energetic field as you are guided and held through your process by Cat and myself. The pre-requisite for attending is an individual Amanae session, no previous workshop experience necessary as you will be taken step by step through the day. Places are limited and the group will be small to ensure individual support.


A Call To Rise - Calling All Women 

A safe and nurturing space is held for each woman who takes her place in one of these beautiful and transformational circles. Each circle is guided by nature, each one unique and supported by Mother Earth, and each one with a rippling effect across the planet with a sense of deep connection to the divine feminine. 

Is it time for you? Are you being called?

The ceremony includes guided meditation, healing energy transmissions designed to clear residual energy, tea, chocolate, sharing and a transmission the 13th Rite Of the Munay Ki - The Rite of The Womb which originated in the jungles of Peru. Once you have received this rite you become a Womb Keeper and you are able to pass the rite to other women. For more on this - The Rite Of The Womb

The next ceremony in The Shed is on the 13th September. You can book your place via me or through the online shop  Cost £25 or £15 if you have attended a Womb or Earth Ceremony with me previously. No previous experience necessary.                                                                                                  If you would like me to bring this ceremony to your gathering, retreat, hen do, festival or as part of a workshop please do get in contact.


 Sacred Earth Ceremonies

The first time I felt to connect a group of people to use Frequencies Of Brilliance in a specific way, in a specific place required a lot of trust. On reaching out to all the people I had been guided to, as each one said yes to taking part, I was able to fall into that trust and the guidance kept coming and I kept setting up the circles. At some point along the way I realised that these Earth healings are a pivotal part of my mission here on the planet and as so, I am guided when and where to set up each one and each one has a unique purpose. I also understand that there are many other beings across the globe doing similar work.

If you feel called to be a part of this awakening please get in touch.


Group work can be tailor made to suit the group intention. If you would like me to hold a ceremony at your event please get in touch.

 To book call or text 07877 67 37 60 or email