Ways you can work with me in an individual session using Frequencies Of Brilliance & Amanae

There are four options for an individual session. Mostly, and for on going self healing, exploration and growth, I recommend working with Intention Sessions. If you feel called to work with one of the other journeys please let me know when booking your appointment. Hope to see you soon! Blessings.

To chat or book an appointment you can call or text on 07877 67 37 60                  or email laurafrequencies@live.co.uk 

Intention Sessions

In these powerful and creative sessions, together we will transform subconscious patterns and beliefs into consciousness. Bringing the darkness into light and shining light into the darkness. Removing, transforming and dissolving blocks that hold us back from our full potential and that can create discomfort in our lives. There is a possibility to work with any physical or emotional pain that is presenting itself in the moment. 

These sessions often include - 

  • Emotional release
  • Inner child work
  • Past life work
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Trauma work
  • Shadow work
  • Connecting with your guides
  • Activating your self healing system
  • Clearing blocks
  • Shedding layers

Allow 2 hours £65.                                                                                   No previous experience necessary. These sessions can be undertaken regularly or intermittently and take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden.


Sacred Earth Personal Journey

'Dear Mother Earth

Will you hold me in my transformation?                                                                    Will you love me in my darkest days?                                                          If I take a step toward you are you there? Will you come to meet me so that together we can make this journey to another dimension, united, as one? I pray for forgiveness for all that has gone before, and now I am ready.'

  • a sacred journey into deep connection with Mother Earth
  • receive gifts
  • open to guidance and wisdom
  • grounding into infinite nourishment and nurture
  • opening, accessing and consciously integrating the multi dimensional being that you are
One by one humans are waking up to their true nature. Mother Earth holds us as we move through transformation. This ceremony initiates a reconnection with her as to fully experience the oneness between her and us. In this we can delve deeper and allow more, it's an acceleration for all those who are on the path, if you are willing.

Do you wonder about your purpose? What is your mission? Why are you here? What is being asked of you?

Allow 3 hours £95                                                                                                      Pre requisite - an Intention session with me. Bring something from nature, ideally a stone and perhaps a feather, leaf or stick collected specifically for this session.           Are you being called to take your place?




Womb Reconnection - A personal journey to awakening to your full potential through the womb space.  

'Within each of us is an innately wise and fully present woman. She is of the Earth. She belongs here in her body, on this Earth plane, she is aware of her connection to all living things, there is a stillness within her. She is a Wild Woman, a Goddess, she is the pure balance of divine feminine & masculine, she is a beacon of light.'

We will be asking questions such as what is needed for you to step into living your truth? Are you ready to expand the connection to the powerful being that you are? What is needed to allow this flow of creative energy to permeate every aspect of your life?

During our time together you will embark on a journey where we will be using Amanae, Frequencies Of Brilliance, ceremony, intention setting, ritual & The Rite of The Womb energetic transmission. On completion of your journey you will become a Womb Keeper and will be able to pass The Rite Of The Womb to others.

Allow 3 hours £95. No previous experience necessary. Currently available for women only. Please note that this womb work is appropriate for ALL women, there are no exclusions. These sessions take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden.

The Bliss SpaceA personal journey into the sacred aspects of yourself. A remembering of your true divine nature.  

This powerful and transformative process creates an opportunity for you to bypass the ego mind and 3D illusion of reality, it is an invitation for a deeper awakening.

During the week prior to our appointment I will guide you by email into self enquiry. For the session itself allow 4 hours. It's advisable to also leave space after the work to simply be, perhaps spending time in nature, taking a bath, some gentle movement, rest. These sessions take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden.

Cost £195                                                                                                                Pre requisite - there is a minimum requirement to participate in this process. If you wish to take this journey please enquire with me.                                               Prepare a nourishing meal before coming that can be waiting for you on completion of the work.


To book call (0044)07877 67 37 60 or email laurafrequencies@live.co.uk