Laura's role as a Healer

"Laura has a rare gift, that of being a pure channel for the energy that comes through. Laura transmits what arises and has the remarkable skill of not interfering in a process that is bigger than her. Her perceptions are finely honed." Leyla.

 "Thank you Laura for a wonderful and uplifting session. You put me at ease by explaining what would happen in the session and by working from integrity. The session was very powerful and I was aware of 'lots going on' as the healing accessed the higher dimensional spaces. I was drawn to work with you so the session did not disappoint and I was pleased that I'd chosen FOB as a means to deepen my spiritual connection."  Julie.


Laura is an intuitive healer, using Frequencies of Brilliance , Amanae and massage to support you in your transformation process. 

 She will assist you in allowing the light aspect of yourself to integrate into your physical body and energetic field thus creating the opportunity for a more peaceful, healthy and balanced life. Releasing fear, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, to live from a place of love where effortless freedom and your full potential are realised.

People from all over the planet, all walks of life and all ages have found Laura for support, each with a unique intention, each with a desire to transform on some level. If you have any questions, comments or would like to book an appointment you can find Laura's contact details on the contact page. She is waiting to hear from you.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.... the purpose of life is to give it away."

To book call or text (0044)07877 67 37 60 or email