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A Story - Climbing a Volcano

Finding time and space today to honour the journey that brought me here 14/1/2020

Bali, 7th June 2011 

I lay in bed. The methodical drone of the ceiling fan, a dripping tap, I spot movement from the corner of my eye across the room, another cockroach.  I will the thoughts to stop and sleep to start, aware the minutes are ticking away toward 2am when the alarm will sound. From somewhere inside my head I hear a familiar tune, the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. I plead with myself for sleep to come, even for a few minutes. The night is promising to be a long one. I am starting to regret my decision to trek to the top of a volcano through the dead of night. It's been a tough few months, feeling alone, lonely and isolated, keeping busy seems to be the only way to stop myself from falling deeper into the dark thought patterns that dominate my mind. Distraction. 

2.30am.  I sit in the passenger seat next to Yoman, the man with a wonky eye that I met yesterday on the streets of Ubud. We are driving toward a volcano. The streets are empty apart from the resting stray dogs that soak up the remaining heat from the tarmac road. When we arrive at the foot of the volcano, an hour has passed. In the pitch black I can just make out the outline of a number of men. Yoman finds me a guide, his name is also Yoman, and even thou the only light is from the starry sky above I can see he is beautiful. We start to walk the gentle incline, Yoman and I, asking the obligatory questions that I had already asked and answered maybe 100 times since leaving England 5 months ago. Where do you live? Age? Occupation? When Yoman is not guiding tourists he grows vegetables such as cabbage. Not long into the trek I do not have enough breath to talk and we make our way, silently, apart from the crunching of feet on volcanic rock and dust, he like a panther, gliding effortlessly over the rough terrain, the light of our small torches lighting the path on an otherwise very dark night, away from the town of Ubud where the street lamps shine. 

4.15am As we walk I carefully watch where Yoman places his feet and mimic him as much as possible to avoid slipping and to use minimum energy. I find myself sucked into the methodical, unhurried, steady pace, unable to see our destination but with each step my intention to reach two steps in front, where Yomans torch is illuminating the unchanging rocky ground. One step at a time through the darkness, always heading toward the light.

My legs feel tired now, heavy. Each breath uses every available space within my lungs. 

Occasionally I look up at the magnificent sky, stumbling as I do so, losing focus and rhythm, the beauty above a distraction from my path, the time for wonderment is at our chosen rest points, these getting more and more frequent as the mountain grows steeper and more rocky. Yoman taking my hand when he senses I am struggling, not to lift or pull me but to steady and support. Always there, always guiding and only stepping in when he is needed. The path is windy and narrow yet very defined - a clear path leading to the unknown. Yoman knows what is at the top and he gently encourages me onward. As we move forward step by step I learn not to be distracted by the beauty of the sky but to focus my will and energy on placing each foot, some parts are harder than others, taking my breath and strength in ways other parts don't. I don't dare imagine the drop on the side of the path or any other dangers that might lurk there, surrounded by complete blackness with no clue where I am, alone with a stranger on a piece of land we call Bali. I feel alive. I can feel the blood pumping round my body, my breathing strong, senses alert in this unfamiliar situation, surrounded by darkness and silence I find I am completely aware of every single cell in my body. Just 10 more minutes Yoman says. The face of the volcano is so steep now, to stop would be treacherous, there is nowhere, no space to rest, only to move forward. I feel so grateful to Yoman who silently encourages me to keep going. 

Then we arrive on flat ground, it is still pitch black, I take the opportunity to throw back my head and open to the beauty above, to breathe in the cool crisp air, my clothes wringing wet from sweat and dew. I have made it.

I feel amazing, I feel alive, I watch a shooting star jet across the night sky and I laugh and smile as I make a wish. Thanking God for this moment. Gradually others start to arrive at the top and there is a feeling of comradeship and we congratulate each other as one by one people appear over the summit, gasping in the cool night air, discarding bags and coats onto the floor. I carried with me, up the volcano, raw eggs and I give these to Yoman now who takes them to a woman who will cook them on steam from the volcano. As first light arrives, my new friends and I gasp in awe as we eat warm eggs with bread and drink thick, sweet Bali coffee. We take photos of each other and make silhouette shapes against the horizon line, laughing and smiling and as the light changes I see heaven and I feel God. The totality of everything is this single moment, there is no past, no pain, no broken heart, no loneliness, only this, only now.

I watch the first breaking of the sun over the horizon, the dawning of a new day, I close my eyes and I feel the sunlight, I become a warm golden red glow, I can feel the inside of my body, every single cell renewed.

Yoman shows me where steam comes through the earth's crust and we drink mineral water that is collected in bottles placed strategically around the crater edge. Gradually people start to leave, Yoman and I still hanging out, taking photos and enjoying the views. I feel at peace. From behind I hear a woman's voice singing, the song I hear is 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. I turn to look at the woman exclaiming 'How strange, that song was playing in my head at 2am this morning', we both laugh and right in that instant I know we are exactly where we are meant to be. Doing ok. Moving through struggle, one step at a time, knowing that at the top of the difficult parts of the path are relief, a sense of achievement, strength gained, beauty, wonderment and awe and, there is always always a guiding hand, if only you will take it, not to avoid the pain, but only to move through, one step at a time, one step at a time.

The Bridge

Click on the link for a video guide to crossing The Bridge. This bridge re establishes, strengthens and deepens your connection to parts of yourself that at some point you felt you had to abandon or disconnect from in order to survive. 

This is a gift to yourself, to take these few minutes.


With love from 


Beliefs are not the truth.

Some beliefs we can notice and choose to change.
Some beliefs we hold so strongly we may actually believe them to be true.
Some beliefs are created from past experiences and the energy of these experiences become locked in to our being.
Some beliefs are passed down to us from generations gone before, outdated and no longer necessary yet we've taken them on as our own, living someone else's life.
Some beliefs are nationwide or worldwide of attached to an area where mostly people hold the same beliefs.
Sometimes we may choose to take on a set of beliefs that someone else has created.
Beliefs can be limiting.

If you fancy taking a look at some of your beliefs with a view to transforming them, letting them go or just to bring awareness to them then do get in touch for a session with me. This process of bodywork is life changing. No previous experience necessary.

Hope to hear from you!


Limited Edition!

Relax & Reset 

An enjoyable 1 hour treatment to relax and reset during which you will lay face up on a massage table to enjoy a foot, ankle, arm, shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage followed by Frequencies Of Brilliance.

This pampering session is designed to relax, reset and uplift, creating a space in your life to realign with yourself. Massage can be helpful in reducing pain, anxiety, mild depression and releasing mild trauma and tension from the body.

The cost is £50

Buy a gift voucher for a friend or family member and receive a half price treatment for yourself!

Gift vouchers are available, perhaps you know someone who is in need of a little pampering.
I am only offering this treatment through November, December and January. 
07877 67 37 60   or to book.

The Darkness

The darkness, the shadow, the unconscious, there is a certain conditioning, a widely held belief that can instill fear just at the mere mention of these words. And it's not that the darkness is bad, it's just that it's more difficult to see here. This is where we hide the things that we can't face or experience or feel, the things that are too much for us in the moment. This work allows us to bring these parts of ourselves into the light, into consciousness, in the best way possible. Sometimes this involves going into the darkness, sometimes by shining a light inward to illuminate shadows, sometimes by encouraging the fear or pain, the frightened child or shameful part of us to move forward to be seen, to be witnessed. Each moment and movement is conscious and with love.


Inner Child

My experience has included working with my inner children as a vital part of coming home to myself. For years I heard people talking about this work but I didn't know how connect. My intention to do this work was strong, it made sense to consider the possibility that by working with the wounded parts I could make changes, to transform my behaviour, my way of thinking, my beliefs, that kept me in a cycle of repeating unhelpful patterns. I think in other modalities or in more mainstream healing work it is reframed in a different way, however, this is how it appears to me, I quite literally connect with parts of myself and then build a relationship with those parts, I get to know them, parent them if needed, and bring them close. Learning to recognise these parts of myself and to learn what it is they need. This work is on going and I am still learning.

Below is a story, an experience I had whilst on the table receiving an Amanae session some time ago. This was a pivotal moment in my transformation. If you are ready to reconnect with your inner children and would like a session with me or someone else, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch. 

"I have spent much of this lifetime looking for someone to help me, to help me feel better. Looking here, looking there, and I was only looking for myself. 

And, when I looked inside of myself I spotted a tunnel, and a small child stood at the entrance waving a red flag. Danger, danger, don't look here, retreat, retreat. And my curiosity and the Amanae practitioner who stood by my side enabled me to venture into the tunnel and a door appeared. There were flashing red lights and sirens screaming, don't come near, it's too much to bear, this is your warning, only brave and courageous souls may enter and do so at your own risk.

And I did. And life is not the same. You see I discovered this little girl, a part of me, who has been locked away in the darkness, alone and frightened. She had a belief that she had to sacrifice herself so that life could go on, not wholly, not completely, but at least I would be alive. Surviving.

It took many years to find the courage to go back and find her. Many years of her being alone, feeling lost and in darkness. But of course she has always been with me, for she is me, so I carried her around, never acknowledging her and the pain but just sort of hoping she would go away, that the pain and darkness would go away. I tried everything, I partied hard, took drug after drug, substance after substance, I kept my heart closed with complicated defences, ingenious ways to avoid being me. Everything and anything.

And then one day The Bull came to me and said 'Are you ready?' and I took him by the horns and held on with all my might."

To be continued . . .

Thanks for reading.

My work is evolving

Welcome to my new look website. I have been so keen to put out into the world, to you, this new way of working. Not so centred around the techniques but more about your experience of working with me, what it is you are being offered in a session.

From my perspective I am able to hone in on what I am most passionate about, the areas where I feel most growth is available. Fully using my gifts and allies to allow your journey to propel forward while simultaneously being infinitely grounded into your place here on the planet.
This new definition of what I am offering to you feels fun, exciting. It's like going on an adventure into yourself, discovering a whole new world, a whole new you. 
The possibilities are infinite. 

I hope to see you in The Shed soon dear one.
Love Laura

It is all change!

It's been a while since I've written. I am deeply immersed in motherhood with the children being off school for 6 weeks. It's all challenging and amazing, exhausting and inspiring. I only have a couple of available slots left now until the end of the holidays and am also booking up quickly for September so please let me know if you are planning to come for a session.

In between working and mothering I am designing a new way of working which will be launched in the next few months. I am so very excited about this. It feels new, fresh and realigned with the changes on our planet and within me. 

From September 1st my prices are increasing. Session times are also increasing. A two hour appointment time is £65. There will also be an opportunity for longer appointments to catalyst deeper transformation within you multidimensionally. 

With much love and gratefulness for your support and participation in this great time of change.


Feels like a long time. . .

I often wonder about the issue of time. Or more our perception of it.
What has occurred to me lately is that when I perceive a longer period time much change has happened, it's as if I've been elsewhere, possibly for eons, and I sort of land back to 'this' reality and have the sense and thought that a long period of time has passed.
That is the sense I am getting now. I am taking a moment to sit. The gap space, the fertile void. The last few week have been incredible. Transformational. Here is an excerpt from my newsletter that is going out this week about the Pure Breath Amanae workshop ~

Hello Everyone

I was so blessed to be a part of the Pure Breath Amanae workshop that happened last weekend in Topsham. It was beyond what I could have imagined. The feeling of sacred connection and divine orchestration allowed the weaving of the energy we created in the circle together to merge with the web of all creation. What a blessing and honour to be in circle with the amazing Cat Moyle and all of the participants who courageously took their place, showing up fully and allowing their transformation.

"What a blissful day it was, we intended to go deep and deep we went with each participant courageously showing up again and again on the tables, off the tables, in the circle and outside of it. Rendered almost speechless because words are not enough, I feel blessed to be part of this work. Of coming to our core selves. Of connecting to the place between the earth and the space inside and outside of us." Cat Moyle

"Love and gratitude to you both Cat and Laura. It was an amazing and very special day. So much that happened, so much movement, and so much love. Thank you." - A Participant

2 Places Available

There are two places still available on the Pure Breath workshop that is happening in a couple of weeks. These one day events are a way to transform unhealed trauma and connect into the aspect of ourselves that is infinite and profound

It's important to note that an individual session with Cat, Laura or an Amanae practitioner before attending one of these workshops is essential. There is plenty of time to do this if you haven't already had a session, and, I am offering anyone who thinks that they may like to come, a 50% discount on an individual session with me.

More details for this workshop can be found on other blog posts 

I hope to hear from you!


Contrasting Amanae & Frequencies of Brilliance

I've been asked, on occasion, about the differences in the two modalities, Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance. And yes, they are really quite different, they feel different, they are used differently, the technique is different, people respond differently, yet there is a distinct overlap, in all of the above.

I originally trained with Christine Day in Frequencies Of Brilliance, this training includes the  Amanae technique. More recently I have undertaken a training in individual Amanae modules and as this continues to be ongoing I learn more and improve my skills as well as working with myself for my own personal journey.

As I experience more and more of these two modalities the different attributes of the two become more apparent. Frequencies of Brilliance is astoundingly beautiful, gentle yet so incredibly powerful and precise. It feels light and spacious, loving and warm. Described as anchoring the higher dimensional light aspects of yourself into the cells of your physical body. In anchoring the light of yourself, old patterns, emotions, trauma, belief systems that have been passed down dissolve with no effort at all.
Amanae feels much more earthy, grounded, physical, it's often emotional and expressive. It can leave you feeling alive, human in its highest potential, which includes the spiritual. Also it feels safe, supported and loving.

Umm, there is more to say on this! To be continued...

Appointments available . . .

Would you like to come for an individual session? Appointments last for between 1.45mins and 2 hours with a minimum of 1 hour table work and cost £50

Each session is complete in itself. Sometimes one is enough and sometimes you may want to come often. You will know and I can guide you, if you wish.  Some people come regularly for years as they evolve and continue their unfolding. 

During a session we will spend some time talking and I will guide you with setting an intention for the session, this is a powerful way to focus the energy. Sometimes there is much to talk about and sometimes not. Once this is complete I will ask you to lay on the massage table. Sometimes face up, sometimes face down. The work is done on skin so although you do take off your clothes as in a massage, you will always be draped with sheets and blankets, only the area to be worked on will be visible to me.  I use my hands to connect with you, sometimes using a light touch, sometime with firm pressure, sometimes tapping. I may ask you questions about what you are experiencing, sometimes I make sounds called toning, they are a specific frequency that resonate with aspects of your self encouraging doorways to open. Other techniques I use are Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance. All aspects of you are welcome in a session, I actively encourage you to allow yourself to be seen as much as you are willing.

I will guide you and hold the space for you throughout the session. Nothing is expected of you. You just need to show up.

It can take courage to show up. Especially if you have not experienced energy work previously, if it is unknown to you. 

I look forward to seeing you
Love Laura

Next available appointments are Weds 24th April 9.45am
                                                     Thur 25th April 9.45am
                                                     Fri    26th April 10.30am
                                                     Fri    26th April 12.45pm

Life Mission

I recently completed my mission for this lifetime. I was supported by an amazing group of wild women for the grand finale which included creating an energetic space to enable us to witness a rebirthing of our beautiful planet. In our circle of 11 we connected inward, to each other and to Mother Earth creating an awareness of the oneness that we are. It was intense, powerful, loving and nurturing and I am incredibly grateful to everyone, not just those in the circle but also those who played their part in the events leading up to the 5th April. The divine orchestration was unfathomable. 

On completion of my pre agreed life mission I was completely in the dark as to what would be the next unfolding, although I didn't have long to wait as others stepped forward to support me in creating a space for the new mission to come in. 

In a few months I will announce the details of a training program 'Journey into the Sacred Heart' where we will embark on an adventure into our souls, exploring other dimensions and aspects of ourselves that are yet to be discovered in this lifetime. 

The work will take place one day a week over a 6 week period in Devon and will include tools and skills that can be taken home for use with ourselves and with others, whether you are currently doing therapies or whether you would like to offer more practical support to friends and family.

To register your interest please contact me on 
07877 67 37 60

What exactly is it that you do?

I get all sorts of responses from people when I say I'm a healer. The word 'healer' is ambiguous in itself but I am yet to find another word to describe what it is that I do. The problem in describing what the work entails is that it is a million different things that are all the same, there are a million different ways to work in a session, all taking a unique path to the same destination. I can write a million words on the work that are all true and also not true. 

A dear friend recently said to me that the closer you get to the truth the more paradoxical it becomes.

Each person's experience of the work is as unique as they are, yet, there are threads common to nearly everyone. Each person that comes brings something that is totally unique to them and that is the starting point so it makes sense that each individual session is just as unique. . . and, the same.

Here are some quotes on healing ~

"Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls . Awakening and raising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage and inspire others out of their own darkness." ~ Melanie Koulouris

"Healing is different from curing. Curing is the business of medicine, and it involves eliminating symptoms ; while healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease and then creating a meaningful destiny. Ours is the practice of healing.
Healing attends to the Soul and the Spirit." ~ Alberto Villodo

"Doctors study medicine. Teachers study education. Healers study darkness." ~ Phil Good

"My job is to confront myself over and over and over again until I am the clearest, stillest Chanel for spirit to exist within." ~ Liana Naima

"I became a warrior when I turned toward myself and started listening." ~ Jeff Foster

PURE BREATH - 19th May

Hi Everyone

I'm really excited to announce the details for a one day workshop here in Topsham, Devon to be facilitated by Cat Moyle and myself. Our first collaboration, Pure Power, in September last year was  an amazing experience and we are now ready to invite you to our next offering, Pure Breath.

The workshop, to be held over a full day, will include Amanae, Frequencies of Brilliance & vortex work, providing you with an opportunity to realign with your true self, to awaken to your gifts & to dissolve limiting beliefs. 

The primary focus will be in the lung area, often here we hold deep grief and sadness, struggle, tiredness of life, death wish, issues from our birth experience or childhood, this holding can make us feel as if our wings have been clipped and we are no longer able to fly or soar through life,  when we see life through these past experiences it can become dampened and lack lustre. During the workshop we will be peeling back layers so as the light of ourselves can shine forth into the world. In bringing ourselves forward to make changes within, we create a wave of life giving energy that not only effects those around us but also this magnificent planet that we live on, which is much needed now.

No matter where you are on your awakening journey, this workshop is designed to increase the flow of life force energy through your physical body and energetic field as you are guided and held through your process by Cat and myself. The pre-requisite for attending is an individual Amanae session, no previous workshop experience necessary as you will be taken step by step through the day. Places are limited and the group will be small to ensure individual support.

The Details

Where - Revitalize Studios, Topsham, Devon UK.
When - Sunday 19th May 10am - 5.30pm
Cost - £125 - can be paid in instalments.

Other important stuff - Lunch, snacks and teas will be provided.
If you need accommodation we can send you a list of nearby options.

​Contact me for booking & enquiries.

07877 67 37 60

3 Places available

Call to Rise - 22nd March - 3 places left

There is something happening on this planet - it feels to me like an uprising, like an underground river of energy that is babbling upward from the Earth and into our lives. There is no stopping it for if it comes across resistance it will gently erode or seep inward or find another way. This energy appears to me as golden & flowing, dancing & sparkling, it is beautiful beyond measure, free & alive. It is divine.  It comes from the core of Mother Earth. Each woman also holds this energy in her womb.

At the next event in the Shed we will be creating pathways for the Earth - Womb connection, to restore flow and our inner knowing, the innate wisdom that is our birthright. In creating the space to consciously experience the connection between Earth and Womb, codes deep within our DNA are activated as we take our place in this new dawning. 

If you feel called to take you place at this event please contact me. No previous experience of anything needed. You only need to show up.

Friday 22nd March 10.30am - 1pm

Call To Rise

On March 22nd I am hosting an event in The Shed to which all women are welcome. We will begin in the circle at 10.30am and move through a series of rituals, meditations and energetic transmissions to activate, codes deep within the DNA of our physical bodies.

There is nothing more fierce than a woman answering the call to rise.

If you feel this call you can book and pay for your place in my online shop or contact me directly. 

The event will close at 1pm and costs £25. If you have previously attended a woman's workshop with me the price is discounted to £15. There are 6 places.

A Change to the way I work

It's been 11 years since I completed training as a massage therapist and I've enjoyed working with it enormously. Originally I embarked on the training to add another, more widely accepted tool to my belt, and so as not to appear too 'far out', as a stepping stone for myself and for potential clients. However, I found that I loved massage and not only that, it provided me with knowledge about the body and confidence to work with it. It taught me about touch, pressure, how people feel about their bodies, different types of tension  and holdings in muscle and other tissues and how to protect people's modesty.

Mostly it taught me that people need physical touch to thrive. 
More so when it is accompanied with a loving consciousness.
It taught me to be present.

And now it's time to let it go. 
So I won't be taking on any new massage clients from today.

In gratefulness.

A gathering

The next gathering of women in The Shed for healing energy transmissions,
meditation, Womb Rites transmission, tea, chocolate and sharing
will be on Friday 8th March at 10.30am -12.30pm

I love these ceremonies. They are a powerful yet gentle way of accessing 
our own power as women using deep earth connection and the wisdom 
of our bodies.

You can book by contacting me direct or through my shop.
The cost is £25

Like a ghost, your shadow will follow you to the ends of the Earth...

I recently completed another Amanae module. This was the single most transforming 
initiation I have ever been immersed in. It literally shook me to me core until the roots of my very being were torn up and thrown spinning into the air.  Uncomfortable? That is
putting it mildly. Life changing - completely. 

I wanted it, I knew something was afoot many months before I boarded the plane to 
Belgium to be guided once again by Eric Lipin at the Amanae School of Europe. 
Would I do it again? Yes. With out hesitation. Yet while deep in the darkness of my 
soul, while feeling the pain of lifetimes and more intimately, this lifetime, there were 
many moments where I paused, knowing it was too late to go back, that I had already 
committed to this transformational process.

Now, a few weeks on, as the energy is integrating through the cells of my physical 
body and energetic field, as I am coming out of the darkness and stickiness, the light is brighter, and not just brighter but anew,  and not just new as in something made from something else, but brand new, a new dawning, never before in 
existence. A new me.

I will hold your hand while you venture into your darkness.
I will be your guide into the places that are begging for the light of 
your consciousness. For until you turn toward your shadow, no amount of positive focus will make it disappear.


Are you wild?


(n) a woman who has reclaimed her birth rite as an
emotional and powerful being. A woman who does not 
conform to societies expectations of her gender, but 
dances to the beat of her own drum. She is sensitive 
and soft, fierce and honest. A truth seeker, wisdom carrier, 
and messenger of her ancestors. 



I don't know why but I feel extremely excited about this year. It really does feel like
a fresh start. Nothing has changed, on the outside at least, yet underlining everything 
there is a sense of excitement, an river of energy, it is free flowing, has no particular direction and is continuously moving, maybe it has always been there and
I wasn't aware of it.

And whilst this is in my awareness there is also the day to day, the ups 
and downs, the challenges, relationships, the emotions, feelings,
housework, the weather.... and remembering to breathe.

The breath seems like such a simple thing yet the power of a conscious breath is 
infinite. The breath says YES.

Those of you who have worked with me or other Amanae & Frequencies practitioners will already be familiar with the conscious breath. For those of you who are new to this work this is how I describe the conscious breath, the breath that can take you into yourself and beyond.... 

Take one breath, in and out the mouth, letting go on the out breath, almost as if the breath is falling out of you, no effort, just let the breath go. You can bring your hands to your chest, your heart, and bring your breath to your hand. Bringing you away from the mind to reconnect with your heart, when we live from here we live from love. Take as many conscious breaths as you feel to.

So be it.

A Recent Post ...

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gillie Sutherland - author of Slivers Of Light, not just once, but twice. Following our first session together Gillie wrote an article in the local paper, the Express & Echo about our session which you can read below. The second time we worked together was when Gillie came to a tailor made Womb Rites Ceremony. Following this she posted on Instagram, here is the link to the post... 

For more from Gillie and the incredible work she does, including her book 'Slivers of Light'

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” – these are the words in my head today.

I’ve had many teachers throughout my life, many great ones, and a few that were, quite frankly, a pain in the ass, but brought a lesson.

The teacher that appeared for me this week was of the former, thankfully. I was ready, and then some.

Many years back my friend Adam and I were out for a drink, and I became aware that he wasn’t listening to me, just craning his neck to look at the beauty walking behind me. It was one of those magic moments where he knew he had to “risk it to get the biscuit”, and they are now married with a pair of adorable twins.

Of course, I take all the credit for it, wouldn’t you? I always tease Adam about how he “landed on his feet” with Laura. She is an incredibly gifted healer.

So when Laura contacted me the other day offering me a session, I jumped at the chance. She intuitively knew what I needed. Although we chatted for quite a while before I even got on the couch, she knew without my saying just what I needed.

My heart chakra was like a big brass door! Not surprising really. Those of you in the hippy world will know what I’m talking about here; for the rest of you, you can probably guess.

I think the healing started even before I lay down for the treatment. The room was warm, welcoming, with a homely Zen-like feel. Adam had built it, and Laura just fitted so naturally into her environment. It was built for her and it showed.

Anyway, the whole thing was such divine timing. I’d been preparing for a retreat this weekend, but it had felt like something was missing. My head knew what it was about, and what the day was going to entail, but I hadn’t quite figured out the key message. It had been rumbling in my head, but it hadn’t quite formulated.

After some transformational breathwork, bodywork, sound therapy, and a touch of what I can only describe as magic, I knew something had shifted, but I didn’t quite know what.

As Laura advised, I was gentle with myself afterwards, I drank plenty of water, and I slept like a baby.

The next morning I woke to inspiration – “an open heart lets the light in”.

That was the missing bit of the jigsaw, the key message.

The context also came to me, inspired not just my treatment, but by Laura and the space created by Adam and her.

“Grounded Magic”. The perfect balance.

I’m a great believer in the presence of magic, and angels, but I also believe we are inhabiting this physical plane for the length of this lifetime, so we need to keep our feet on the ground too.

I think of Adam and Laura’s life, and the simple beauty in her studio built by him, and it warms my heart, and I think, after my session, this was the perfect teacher for this moment. I believe in love again, my heart chakra is wide open."

Gillie Sutherland - Author 'Slivers of Light' 


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