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Keeper of the Womb

I recently became a 'Keeper of the Womb'.
I took part in a ceremony where The Rite of the Womb was passed to me
through a lineage of women which originated in the jungles of Peru.
Marcela Lobos was the first to receive this rite, you can read her story

It wasn't something I had planned, or even thought about, I hadn't thought about 
womb healing, I only knew that when I was invited that I wanted to take part.
The week leading up to the ceremony was beautiful and powerful, 
I had the sense that this was part of my life plan, that I had agreed to carry
this rite and bring it to as many people as possible. In doing this I initiated my own
self healing. I am still very much on this journey, it is as if a new door has been opened, 
a part of my self accessed that I had previously been unaware of, it feels feminine, 
powerful, nurturing and much larger than this physical body and the person called Laura.

A few days ago, following an Amanae session, I passed the rite onto a dear friend.
I had the honour of witnessing her inner warrior.

In time, I will be holding ceremonies for all to attend to receive the rite. 
However, if you would like to receive the rite in the mean time I can do this 
in an individual session with with or without the other work that I offer.

For more information see the above website or contact me.

With love and blessings

Upcoming one day workshop

Cat Moyle and myself are hosting a one day workshop in just a few weeks
and we have three remaining spaces.

The location is at a farm in Woodbury Salterton, Devon, UK. The date is
Saturday 22nd September from 9am-6pm.
The cost is £125 with lunch and snacks included.

During the day we will be exploring what out power means to us, we will be removing 
blocks that stop us from fulfilling our life purpose, we will explore how to utilise our power 
to create the lives we were always meant to live. 

Much of the day will be entered on table work with Cat and I using Amanae 
& Frequencies of Brilliance. 
We will be working individually and as a group.
Pre requisite: a session with Cat or myself

I look forward to hearing from you!


Pleiadian Teachings from Barbara Marciniak

Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak - Teachings from the Pleiadians

Reading this book for the second time with a very different outlook than I had in 2007. Much of what is written seems to have manifested in our world. It is giving me a sense of just how rapidly our belief systems are transforming, at least in my reality. I am feeling gratefulness and a sense of awe for the younger generations, for all those who are willing to show themselves and stand up, for those creating a new reality, shifts that are happening that I didn't think I would see in my lifetime are not only happening, they are blossoming. There are some amazing young people on the planet right now doing incredible work. Thank you!

Overnight accommodation available

I am pleased to announce I am now offering overnight accommodation in The Shed, that space that I work from, with sessions, for anyone coming from far or if you would like to stay in the energies. This has tremendous advantages for full integration of the work.  It's like a very mini retreat.

Integration is just as important, and powerful, as the session itself. However long you think your integration time is... double it. There are also very simple ways to ease this process along, such as rest, drinking water, conscious breaths in and out the mouth, spending time in nature, and other self care acts.

 Please contact me for more details and prices.

Laura :)

The Power of Intention

When Cat asked me to find an article on the power of intention it suddenly seemed that the words 'power' and 'intention' were everywhere I looked. I found myself pondering what does it mean and how do I use it? What do other people think about it? Suddenly intention seemed to be at the seat of all existence, without intention how can anything manifest? How can we create without intention? It brought up the question of then who is creating? 

Often I have heard from people who come to me for energy work that they feel lost, or that they don't know what they are meant to be doing, or that they want to make a difference or help in some way but don't know how. Intentions may have been set but the energy fades and we can feel disheartened as with New Years resolutions, people want to see change but the energy runs out and we go back to the old humdrum habitual living. And this is where I believe that power comes into play. Could it be possible that the intention is like switching on the ignition and that what keeps motivating us forward is the power behind it? If we are disconnected from our power, the drive needed to propel us forward runs out and fades, as somehow the energy line to our power source is disrupted or even completely disconnected. So even if we keep turning  that key in the ignition, without a strong and expanded connection to our power line we cannot create, and perhaps eventually we give up, and life loses it's magic and we are left wondering what its all about, or maybe not even that, maybe the spark is lost completely. 

At its very worst to keep turning that key to no avail can be exhausting, exhausting to the point where we need to retreat into deep rest, physically, emotionally, mentality, spiritually or all of the above. This two day workshop is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your power that is accessed through your physical body. Through body and energy work we can guide you to navigate through blocks in your power line, to clear the path for you to reach your full potential to create the life you were always meant to live. Can you imagine experiencing your power as a free flowing energy? If you can, even just for a millisecond, then your intention is set!


On feeling


"Until one day, we remember, all feelings are sacred and have a right to exist in us, even the messiest and most inconvenient and painful ones. No feeling is a mistake or sign of our spiritual 'failure'. There is no failure here. And so we begin, in every Now, to turn towards our feelings instead of running away, to soften into them. To make room for them instead of numbing them out or ignoring them..."
Jeff Foster

Off to Belgium...

... again! When I began training in Frequencies of Brilliance and massage in 2007 I didn't imagine I would still be training 11 years later. Day to day living is all part of the learning, the mundane and the extraordinary, interactions with myself and others, washing the dishes and meditating, include it all AND, going to Belgium to spend time with Eric Lipin is a amazing opportunity for me, not just to learn more about the Amanae technique but also to spend time with a master, to be in his stillness, to allow myself to be seen, and not only to be seen, but to be accepted just the way I am, in love, with no judgement and in that I feel safe and it is this which allows me to sink deeper into myself, into the pieces that feel dark and uncomfortable. And in this I can experience wholeness, I can live in my body more fully, I can be more present with myself and with others. 

I have one appointment space left before I go so please get in touch if you would like it. Alternatively you can make an appointment for when I return from the 27th June.

Pure Power

Some information on the PURE POWER 1 day workshop 

Here is the link to the Facebook page for the PURE POWER workshop I am co-hosting with Cat Moyle

I am not on FB but Cat is keeping this side of things updated. If you, like me are not a FB user then please contact me and we can converse using 'good old fashioned email'.

During this 1 day workshop we will be focusing on connecting with our power, expanding it, utilising it, allowing it! Using Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance along with other tools we can break through blocks that may have prevented us from previously reaching our full potential. 

There will be an element of manifesting through our power, without connecting to our power we cannot create. If our hearts are closed down or fragmented we cannot manifest our hearts desire. When we feel life force flowing through our physical bodies the desire to create ignites and we are inspired.

All of these are are the ingredients for manifestation.
All these are areas will be covered with hands on bodywork during this workshop for changes that can transform your life.

Saturday 22nd September 2018 
Woodbury Salterton
Devon UK
£125 Includes lunch and snacks.

There are residential options available.

Privacy Policy

To read my privacy policy click on the link at the bottom of the home page.

The Shed

 This is the gorgeous 'shed' that I work from. It's a  beautiful space and has a sacred energy. It is fully  insulated, heated, has a w/c and running water.

 Haven't been in it yet?

 Message me to book your appointment.

 I am hearing a lot of talk about self care at the  moment. It's your turn now! 

 There is nothing for you to do once you have booked  in with me. All that is needed is for you to show up  for your appointment.

For those of you into Instagram...


Frequency of sessions

I am often asked about frequency of sessions. Each session is complete in itself, so if you are thinking about trying one of the treatments I offer you can come and find out if it's for you. The three different modalities on offer are very different and it's worth trying all of them and if one doesn't jump out at you then we can talk and make a plan.

It really varies how often people come to get work done, some people come regularly, as in once a week, fortnight or month, and I have one client who has been coming for 7 years just twice a year. Often I find that when people are starting out on this chapter of their journey,  committing to 3 or 5 sessions can be a powerful intention for deep inner work. With this commitment to an ongoing journey we can cover so much more, linking in aspects that may not at first glance seemed relevant.

If you would like to book in or chat to me about the possibility of having a session then please do get in touch.

Happy sunny day to you wherever you are.

Pure Power

Finalising details for the Pure Power workshop to be held by Cat Moyle 
and myself on the 21st & 22nd September 2018

I will be sending information out on my mailing list in the coming weeks
so if you are interested please sign up to receive it 
by entering your name and email in the boxes below.

Lots of love


 A feeling of deep gratefulness has been filling my heart since the retreat day last Saturday, for all the people that were present on the day and to those who helped facilitate along the way. It was more than I had even imagined. Here are some quotes from feedback we have received ~

"What to say! It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the time together. Can't wait to join you again, you got everything right. Thank you so much."

'I feel so chilled - well done on a lovely day."

"The day was really wonderful and I am grateful to you all, you do such incredible work."

"Thank you so much for today, it was really lovely and much needed."

"Just wanted to send you all a massive thank you for such a fantastic day. It was absolutely perfect and just what I needed, a relaxed, enjoyable day in beautiful surroundings with lovely people. The food was amazing and all the treatments were fantastic."

Relax ~ Renew ~ Arise

Counting down the last few days until our 
Relax ~ Renew ~ Arise ~ Transformational Healing Day 
in Woodbury Salterton this Saturday.

Final preparations are taking place. And we are fully booked!

Jeff Foster

I love this guy. There is something about the way he writes that feels like how I have experienced Amanae.


More than anything, we long to be seen.
To be held in a safe, non judgemental, all-accepting presence, and be seen through loving eyes.

And being seen is what we fear most.
More than death, we fear intimacy's piercing gaze. 
And yearn for it all the same.

It takes such courage to show yourself!
To take off your mask, when you look and feel your worst to take off your mask (the one that was suffocating you anyway) and to say "Look. Look. Here I am, world". To let yourself be seen before you're ready.
When you feel the most rotten, the most dirty, the most wretched and unlovable, the most unevolved, the most boring, the most confused and lonely and broken and sad and angry and hurt, let yourself be seen there.
There in that sore, shameful place.
Let light in.
Come out of hiding and invite someone into your 'private' world.
Let them witness the real authentic you.
Before that pitiful defence called 'personality'. Say "Look. Look, friend. Here I am". Take the risk of being loved!"  ~ Jeff Foster


A Retreat Day

On the 10th March myself and three other therapists are holding a retreat day in Woodbury, Devon, Uk. 

It will be an opportunity for you to retreat from the outside world for a day to focus your attention inward to transform or release, to rest and recover, to take a break from doing and to allow yourself to be.

There will be a focus on relaxing back into our bodies, an awareness. I love to take the time to do this, I find it brings about a renewed sense of life, of becoming aware of the life force energies that are always there within the cells of our physical bodies. You will also be given tools and tips on how to integrate this awareness into every day living.

The day will include a gentle yoga class, a choice of two treatments and a guided relaxation. Lunch & snacks are included. The cost for the day is £95. More details to follow.

To hear about more retreat days I will be offering this year please sign up for the newsletters which I send out whenever I have news :) 

Full Moon

I was fortunate enough to take a long walk under the night sky this evening. There was a time in my life when I would walk at night several times a week. These days it is a rare event. I enjoyed every moment, the cold crisp wind on my face, feeling the earth beneath my feet, the way my legs just walk while the watcher watches. I enjoyed the space and empty roads, I enjoyed the Christmas lights in peoples windows, and all the while an awareness of the moon, shining bright in all its glory on this clear crisp night. Periodically I stopped my legs from walking and stood still, facing the moon, looking up and opening my heart to receive. What I experienced was a sense of my body being scanned, front to back and up and down, each cell responding to the energy of the moon, an awareness, connection.

These days I spend so much time looking down at my little people, it makes a refreshing change to have all of my focus in an upward direction.

I love that the first full moon of the year is tonight. Enjoy!

Renewed enthusiasm

After watching Blue Planet II last week I have renewed enthusiasm to live a life free of plastic. I decided that, starting the following day, I would no longer buy products that have any sort of plastic, themselves or in the packaging. I didn't even last until lunchtime. This is going to require some more thought and bigger changes in lifestyle than I had first envisioned. Hmmm.

November update

Wow! This year is turning out to be one of the most incredible for me in this lifetime. There is a sense of constant unfolding within my self and I feel as if I have been turned inside out, upside down and given a good shake! New opportunities are opening all around and I feel excited about the next steps, now beginning to check in with myself about how I would like the new year to look and becoming aware of wanting to go into that with a sense of freedom, striding forward and allowing the old to fall away. So breathing and opening to this newness.

I still have a few slots available from now until the new energies come in on New Years eve so please get  in touch if you would like to come and do some work with me in preparation.

Gift Vouchers are available by post or email.



I'm loving this late sunshine, warmth and the amazing colours in nature. There are an abundance of apples in the orchards, and blackberries on the brambles. The rays of the sun seem somehow deeper, softer and more embracing, I love the way they shine through the brightly coloured leaves, casting longs shadows on stone walls. The evenings now getting a little chillier here in the UK, which is also welcome. 

I hope to see you soon.

Back to work

Hello everyone, well it has been a while since I posted here! I am finally back to work after a lovely, long, challenging and incredible 2 year maternity leave with my twins. 

I am offering a full range of treatments again from a purpose built space in our garden which I created with my gorgeous husband and some help from a few friends.
I am so excited to be seeing you all again, or meeting you for the first time. Please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment or have a chat.

Time Out

Hello everyone

Letting you know I will only be working with Frequencies Of Brilliance for the foreseeable future. I hope to be back using the other techniques at the beginning of 2016.

With love


More on Oceans & Plastics

A statement from the report by Steve Connor published in The Independent:

'The latest estimate comes from the total input of plastic waste, from people living within 50km of the coastline in the 192 countries studied.'

Pretty vague but I guess it means us.

I was chatting to a friend recently and she was very pleased she had reduced her weekly rubbish to one small bag. I had to agree this sounded impressive. I consciously choose products with less packaging and still find that this household produces more waste than I am comfortable with. However, on further discussion I realised that she was talking about 'black' rubbish, one small bag of landfill rubbish and on top of that the 'green' rubbish, the waste that will be recycled, yet this is often the waste that is ending up in our oceans.

Rubbish is rubbish no matter what colour is it.


Oceans & Plastic

I have just read another article on  the amount of plastic waste in the sea and washing up on the shoreline. I myself am a witness to this when out walking with my dog Poppy and have got into the habit of picking up a few bits and binning them, not just on the beach but wherever we are walking. Now I know there are people who say the problem is so big it wont make a difference, but you know what? I disagree. That one piece of plastic could be the one that gets stuck in a birds throat leaving it to die slowly and painfully. Does it matter if the bird dies? I don't know, probably not. Does it matter if the bird lives? Yes! I would rather not be a contributing factor to a slow and painful death so I pick things up. If everyone picked one thing up now that would make a difference, yes it would, it could turn the whole thing on its head and maybe even those cynical people who don't believe that we, as humans, have the power to make positive changes would join in and pick things up.

It is up to us. There isn't anyone else. It IS our responsibility.

Now on the other side I don't know how those plastic bottles and bags and old fishing rods even get in the sea. Stopping that happening would be a big bonus... I am on the case...

Hibernation and Waking Up

Right now January is most definitely feeling like the time for hibernation. Outside it is cold, dark, wet & windy and yes, I am English, and yes, I will talk about the weather at the drop of a hat, or a blown away hat as the case may be. The short bursts of sunshine that are coming most days are so very welcome, daffodils have begun to appear with the promise of spring just around the corner. However, in mean time I am making the most of some time spent at home quietly, a sort of regrouping going on. I am enjoying looking after myself, trying new recipes, walking the dog in the woodlands, spending a little time each day on my yoga mat, anything that feels nourishing. Taking a breath and letting go of the belief that being busy means being a better person. Such a relief.

My husband and I watched the film 'Lucy' recently on the advise of my sister & fellow bodyworker. As well as being wonderfully entertaining I also felt re inspired to reach my full potential, to stretch myself a little further. To utilise more of what I already have. Nothing to attain but more a waking up of gifts and tools that are already present. A remembering.

Welcome to 2015

Happy new year everyone! 2015 swept in bringing a crisp, clear & cleansing energy with it. This first week is the perfect time for setting intentions, for clearing the way for new ways of being to come in. The planet is transforming at an astonishing rate and it is supportive for us, as human beings, to open and embrace those changes.

I for one am feeling incredibly excited and positive about my own journey this year. My role here is becoming clearer, stronger and more enjoyable as I learn to navigate my way through this lifetime, always with the intention of being the best I can be.

Sending so much love to you reading this.


Christmas Craft Fair

Tonight is the Christmas Craft Fair at The Lighter in Topsham. It starts at 5pm and there will be lots of handmade lovely things including organic soaps made by Tracey and dream catchers, sun catchers and jewellery made by myself.

There will be carol singing, live music, santas grotto and lots more. All in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Hope to see you there!


A Photo At Dartmoor

I am back after 5 days of intensive Amanae work in Belgium. A big thanks to everyone who took part, it was so much fun!

This is how the woods at Canonteign on Dartmoor looked today.


Wow! Well life just keeps on moving and changing, sometimes it feels like I am just going along with the ride. Next week I will be joining a group of people in Belgium to partake in a 5 day intensive Amanae course. Amanae is described as transformational bodywork and transformational is my experience of this work every single time. It was while receiving a session at Harbin Hot Springs  in 2007 that I remembered that I had come here to do this work. What a revelation! Really I could hardly believe that it had taken me 36 years to remember this as it was now so clear!

And, for me, Amanae continues to bring revelations one after the other, guiding me on my journey and supporting me when things feel difficult and it is so  much fun! Not only that it is an opportunity to spend time with some great people.

For more information about this amazing work

I will be back doing distance work from Tuesday 24th and back working in the room in Topsham on Wednesday 25th.



Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available all year round and can be bought for a specific treatment or to any monetary value. Let me know and I will pop it in the post to you that same day!

Vietnam trip 2014 photos

Harvesting salt:

Preparing dinner:

Vietnam trip 2014 photos

It's all about the food! Bringing home the mornings catch.

Vietnam trip 2014 photos

Back from exploring in Vietnam! What an amazing country and people. 

Mekong Delta:                                                    At the early morning fish market:

Vietnam trip 2014 photos

Preparing ice for the fish at the market:

I am currently working all day every Wednesday in Topsham above the pharmacy. If I am fully booked on a Wednesday I will endeavour to find a space to work from on another day so that you don't have to wait too long. I am also available on other days for Frequencies of Brilliance distance work. 

I am on annual leave for 2 weeks from the 13th September and am now fully booked for this coming week. Please do let me know if you would like an appointment when I return.


There is a touch of autumn in the air here in Devon, although it seems too early for that, September is just a week away. I will be taking a 2 week holiday in September, from the 13th until the 26th. If you would like to have a treatment before that I have spaces available up until Friday the 12th.

The changing of seasons is an extremely beneficial time to receive any treatment. Many people I speak to are feeling exhausted as their bodies re adjust, not only to the change in temperature but also the energetic changes that are occurring on and within this beautiful planet.

I have heard that summer is coming back next week, one more blast of warmth will not go amiss!

Here is the link for my Etsy shop where I sell things I have created by recycling, upcycling, reclaiming and found items.

Loving the latest Pleiadian Broadcast with Christine Day.

Have just signed up for the next Amanae intensive in November. See below for details:

AMANAE International 5-Day Workshop
November 18 (evening) – November 23, 2014

If you are ready for an opening of the whole body and a vibrant reconnection to the Self, then the Amanae 5-day workshop is for you

An exceptional team of highly trained facilitators and teachers will travel from overseas to bring this extraordinary opportunity to clear ourselves and step more fully into our divine Selves.

The workshop begins a process that will continue to unfold for months, years, and possibly for the rest of your life. Most participants report dramatic shifts in their lives and consciousness after the workshop.

I can truthfully say that I've rarely, possibly never, felt so good in my life as I have since returning from Brussels. I've been feeling energetic and (as far as I can remember) more positive than ever before.  It is as if some ancient, deep feelings of sadness and guilt have disappeared, and I am far more at peace with myself and the world.”

Why is this workshop special? You’ll receive personal attention throughout the workshop to help you let go of old, stuck patterns, and to step forward into your highest vision of yourself. You dive quickly into your deepest issues, and go places within yourselves that are difficult to access in normal consciousness.

Wow, I went deep into my feelings, and into my history…back down to my own birth! I passed some barriers that had been difficult for me.”

How does it work? As the energy and consciousness rises in the room, old blocks hidden for years and lifetimes in our bodies start to vibrate, and shake loose. By allowing the block to surface, it can leave for good; allowing us to relax and stabilize at a higher level of consciousness…until the next block is encountered! We’ll meet plenty of these blocks, and open ourselves a lot during these 5 days.
Just like an individual session but much more so - the movements, breathe and encouragement will help you to let go of habits, gripping, and old emotions so you can experience more freedom.

Thank you for allowing me to be; thank you for the experience of finding myself feeling good about myself; thank you for the immense joy which arises each time I know myself to be in the presence of those so obviously and competently coloring their divine blueprint… and intensely gently & determinedly inspiring others to activate theirs.”

Openness Peace of mind Oneness

The most profound week of my life so far.”

When? Nov 18th at 7 pm to Nov 23rd at approximately 5 pm, 2014 Where? Brussels, Belgium
Cost? 1380 euros*. This includes lodging (double occupancy – single rooms possible) and meals. There are a limited number of spaces and it is first come, first served.
*100 euro reduction for all non-refundable deposits received before July 27th, and 50 euro reduction if before September 1st.
For more information about requirements and reservations, please contact Eric Lipin:
+32.(0)10/24 44 87 Skype: eric_lipin
*Please remember that this workshop is intensive and life changing. A large staff is essential to 'hold the space'. Most of the staff come from overseas and are fully dedicated to this work.

New leaflets have arrived already! Yipee!

New flyer off to the printer today.

This is to let you know about my most popular treatment. See if it appeals to you, and, if you would like to try it, please do get in contact. 

The treatment lasts one hour and consists of 45 minutes massage which will be tailor made to suit you, whether that be for relaxation, lower back pain, shoulder tension or whatever is presenting itself in the moment, I will adapt the process to produce the best results for you. 
The massage is followed by 15 minutes of transformational hands on healing. The combination of the two treatments together result in an incredibly blissful experience with clients reporting an inner sense of peace, calm and tranquility which can result in gaining insight into issues at hand, transformation of physical, mental and emotional pain and discomfort, a cleansing of negative energy, thoughts and beliefs which hold us back from realising our full potential and much more. 
The treatment costs £40. It can be extended by 15 minutes if you prefer a longer massage at a cost of £50.
With love and blessings

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